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The Beauty of Uncontaminated Nature


Lunigiana is unspoiled Nature in its purest state. Medieval villages, castles, culinary specialties, the best place to visit with our ebikes, 3-hour routes that will make you rediscover the beauty of pedaling surrounded by nature.

All tours can be traveled, renting our Ebikes, with delivery on site, or by reservation can be requested Tour Guide to accompany you.


Durations: 3.30 Ore - Difficulty: Medium - Emotion: 10 - Taste: 10


Begin your exciting journey among the castles of Lunigiana with a visit to Licciana Nardi Castle. An imposing medieval building, it offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding valley. Its towers, sturdy walls, and architecture of a bygone era evoke an aura of fascination and mystery.

From Licciana Nardi, direct your e-bike to Bagnone Castle. Located in the heart of the charming village of Bagnone, the castle stands out with its cylindrical tower, a symbol of strength and protection. Savor the tranquility of this less-traveled area, which will make you feel like you're in another world.

Continue your tour by arriving at Villafranca Castle, a fascinating example of medieval architecture, set in a lush green environment. The surrounding meadows are perfect for a relaxing break while you admire the beauty of the castle.

The next stop is Lusuolo Castle, which will surprise you with its elevated position and panoramic view of the Magra River valley. This ancient medieval fortress, still well preserved today, is a true hidden gem.

The tour then continues to Barbarasco Castle, another example of medieval fortification, which has undergone various changes over the centuries. Don't miss the opportunity to explore its walls and discover the fascinating history that envelops this place.

End your tour with Aulla Castle, an imposing structure that dominates the surrounding landscape. With its rich and complex history, it is the perfect place to immerse yourself in local history before ending your unforgettable e-bike tour.

Each leg of this trip offers a unique experience, with the opportunity to explore historic castles, take in breathtaking views, and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. An adventure that combines history, culture, scenery and sports in an excellent way.

Ancient Luni Tour

Between history and vineyards.

Departure from Cantine Lunae towards the museum of Ancient Luni with a visit to the Amphitheater, we will continue in the direction of Luni Mare with a visit to the multimedia tunnel, followed by a visit to the Marinella Estate and through basil fields we will arrive at Bocca di Magra, then from the village of Ameglia we will ascend in the direction of Montemarcello where fantastic views of the sea await us with suggestive views of Portovenere, Palmaria Island and Tino Island. We will then return to Bocca di Magra, where we will be able to admire an ancient Roman villa, and return to “Ca’ Lvnae,” an old farmhouse completely eco-sustainable, with wine shop and direct sales, Ca’ Lvnae museum, tasting rooms, kitchens, vegetable garden, aroma garden, and much more.

Ring of Caprione

The itinerary connects some of the most beautiful localities that characterize the promontory that lies within the Montemarcello-Magra-Vara Regional Park, a kind of natural border between Liguria and Tuscany with magnificent views of both sea and river coasts. From Ameglia, an ancient pre-Roman settlement, the view extends along the Magra River and along several fortified medieval villages to the Apuan Alps where the marble quarries of Carrara are located.

From Montemarcello, along the winding road that passes through olive groves and terraced hills all immersed in the beauty of lush Mediterranean scrub we will be able to take advantage of a stop with a snack at a cozy Agriturismo. We will then continue to reach Lerici, a locality appreciated by many poets of international fame, dominated by one of the best preserved examples of a 16th-century Genoese fortress, Castel San Giorgio. A route of a few hours entirely on asphalt with scenic ups and downs, truly suitable for all enthusiasts and even dynamic children with a desire to pedal.