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The Beauty of Uncontaminated Nature

Rediscover the pleasure of pedaling

Chaotic life? Are you always in a rush? Never have time for yourself? Do you feel that you can't enjoy family? Rediscover the pleasure of pedaling, you will be able to see the world with different eyes, a starting point to try to see things more slowly, the air flowing over your face, the live panorama without car windows, without radio, only you and your path.


The Ebike has given everyone the opportunity to savor those moments that accompanied us as children, the bicycle a means that we may not have used for years, and now it tiptoes back into our lives. Try it alone, or accompanied, to savor this new opportunity, perhaps a day in the company of your friends, or with your family.


- Ebike rental through an affiliated structure     - Tour with a tourist guide by reservation- Ebike rental for Hotels & Farmhouses
- Possibility of planned daily events for the promotion of assisted pedaling
- Ebike delivery on site by reservation


A bulletin board where we publish all the monthly events in the area with many initiatives to be discovered. Rediscover the pleasure of cycling, we are tourists, we are not cyclists !!!